Premium deep tread steer tire for use in line haul and longer regional applications


Exceptional mileage. 

Resistance to irregular wear tested in Australian conditions.

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     Size                     Price                  

   11 R 22.5                      $ 223.80 + FET

   11 R 24.5                      $ 235.32 + FET


Tire Remolding

Come see the process McDonald Tire LLC uses and leave the outdated recap process behind you. We can save you money and provide a better product

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     Size                     Price                  

   11 R 22.5                         SOLD OUT

   11 R 24.5                        $ 245.40 + FET

   295/75 R 22.5                $ 229.32 + FET

Section Repairs

We can fix tires that other companies cant and we have been using this process for 50 Plus Years ! We warranty our Repairs !  



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Please Call With Any Questions.


​We thrive to provide the fastest tire service in San Antonio ! 

Cross-country model. Suitable for use on an uneven road surface.

Suitable for drive or trailer depending on the application.


Tire pattern enhances draw power and drive characteristics.

Ultra-lasting long circle structure has longer lasting lifespan.

Excellent Traction 


Roadside Service  Available  24-7 

Tire Shops

     Size                     Price                  

   11 R 22.5                        $ 205.32 + FET

   11 R 24.5                        $ 220.32 + FET


Tire Service

Come to McDonald Tire LLC or we can come to you. We are here to provide you with service that's easy for you. 

​​     Size                     Price                  

   11 R 22.5                        $ 204.89 + FET

   11 R 24.5                        SOLD OUT

295/75 R 225                    SOLD OUT 

285/75 R 22.5                   SOLD OUT


16 PLY

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4130 S. Loop 1604 E.

San Antonio, TX 78264

16 PLY

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New Double Road & Torch In Stock

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16 PLY

McDonald Tire LLC

Excellent wear resistance and performance.Combination of center zig-zag grooves improves traction and braking performance.


Long life and smooth-wearing.

Solid traction and ultra fuel efficiency.


Premium Steer

Strong 3 rib design provides satisfying results for Steering. 

Open shoulder enhances premium driving and steering ability.


Reduces road noise.

Superior Traction.