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McDonald Tire LLC

​We thrive to provide the fastest tire service in San Antonio ! 

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Marie M. McDonald

James V McDonald 

About Us

McDonald Tire LLC was Founded in 1959 by James V. and Marie McDonald. McDonald Tire LLC is currently owned and operated by their youngest son Jimmy D. McDonald. McDonald Tire LLC  has been in business for 50+ years in San Antonio, Texas. We have extensive knowledge of tires, from passenger car tires to large off-the road (OTR) tires. We are one of few tire Vulcanizing shops in the US. McDonald Tire LLC is on its 2nd Generation and third generation is also working in the business already. We take pride in our work and we love to save people money.

In 2014 McDonald Tire Company became the first and only company in the US to Remold truck tires. This process is a new technology that is safer more reliable and best of all it SAVES you MONEY !