See our tire remolding process. It's way better than tire retreading process that our competitors produce.

The picture below shows how the pre-cured rubber is just stuck on and could hang over the edges if the tire is narrow.

The picture above shows how the pre-cured rubber is just stuck on and can have many splices.

Mis-Aligned Treads

Here is the issues that you can encounter with Pre-Cure

Pre-Cure rubber comes in rolls and is cut to fit the tire for any circumfrence  and is stuck on with a glue and Kushin Gum ​​causing issues like Mis-aligned tread and splices in different parts and different tires are different heights, because there is no precise measurement involved in this process. 

Remolds go all the way to the side wall and not just the Top

Perfectly Aligned Treads

Finished Product

Now that the tire has the perfect circumference it is loaded into a  Hydraulic  Press with 10,000 Pounds of Pressure.  

Step 4

REMOLD         VS.          Pre-Cure

After being buffed the tire is sent to the build station in this station the computer calculates how much raw rubber needs to be extruded on the tire  to create the perfect circumference.

Step 3

After passing inspection the tire is sent to the buffing station in this station the tire is buffed to a precise Circumference. This is a precise measurement that is decided by what tread pattern is chosen by the customer.   

Step 2


The first step in McDonald Tire LLC’s process is an inspection this process is done with an NDT machine. NDT stands for Non-Destructive Testing and we now have the ability to test inside the tire to determine if any steel cords are damaged or rusted, we also have the ability to determine if a tire has been run underinflated to the point it shouldn't be remolded. This enables McDonald Tire LLC to reject any tire that is not a prime candidate for a full and useful additional life. Thanks to NDT machines our Tire failure rate is at an all-time low. 

We truly believe that the process we follow is safer for everyone!!!

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