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Texas OTR Tire Headquarters in 

San Antonio, Texas

Family owned and operated since 1959

We have plenty of different sizes avaliable that may not be listed. We have 5 Acres of New and Used Tires. Currently the Largest Stock of New and Used OTR Tires in


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Earthmover / OTR Tires / Truck Tires

McDonald Tire LLC is your home for all OTR Tire needs

Our selection of OTR tires is second-to-none. We classify each tire by type of vehicle and the application suitable for use. Simply let us know what your earthmoving machine or other heavy equipment vehicle requires, and we will help you find the best set of OTR tires. Our tire sales staff looks forward to taking the lead on your search for used OTR tires today.

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OTR Tire Sizes

2400X33, 2400X25, 1800X24, 2100X24, 1300X24, 1400X24,  1600X24, 1800X25, 1800R25, 1800X33, 1800R33, 2100X25, 2100R25, 2400R25, 17.5X25, 17.5R25, 20.5X25, 20.5R25, 23.5X25, 23.5R25, 26.5X25, 26.5R2529.5X25, 29.5R25, 29.5X29, 29.5R29, 29.5R35, 29.5X35, 33.25X29, 33.25R29, 33.5X33, 33.5R33

37.5X33, 37.5R33, 33.25X35, 33.25R35, 37.25X35, 37.25R35, 33.5X39, 33.5R39, 37.5X39, 33.5R39, 1800X33

1800R33, 2100R33, 2400X33, 2100X35, 2100R35, 2400X35, 2400R35, 2400X49, 2400R49, 2700X49, 2700R49, 3000X51, 3000R51, 3300X51, 3300R51, 3600X51, 3600R51, 3700X57, 3700R57, 4000X57, 4000R57, 4690R57, 33.25X29, 33.25R2940.5/75R39 , 75065R25, 65065R25, 35/65R33, 6535X33, 6540X39, 45/65R39

6545X45, 45/65R45, 50/65R51, 87565R29, 24R21, 1600R20, 1400R20, 11 R 24.5, 11 R 22.5 , 295/75 R 22.5, 285/75 R 24.5, 255/70 R 22.5, 275/70 R 22.5 , 275/80 R 22.5, , ST175/80R13, ST205 75R14, ST205/75R15, ST225/75R15, , ST235/80R16, ST235/85R16

Plus anything you want, we will make it happen!

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new otr tire for sale
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