Many people do not know what this process is, but it saves you money.

Based out of San Antonio, Texas we will quote you over the phone with

a full transportation and purchase price. 

Texas OTR Tire Repair

Whether its New, Used, or a Repair: a small fix or a large repair, we have multiple processes to fit your OTR Tire needs.


Section Repair


We are one of the only companies in the US who still repair industrial tires. Saving you time and money. If you ran a stump through a tractor tire we can fix it. If your loader runs over scrap metal, yes we can fix it. If you put a hole in the sidewall we can fix it. Even if the bead of the tire gets chipped, We can fix it. This is done through a process called Vulcanize/section repair.

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Why we Remold 


We Chose to Remold tire because they give you the best bang for your buck. While this is still an old tire core the functionality of the tire is like new. This cuts down on overhead costs while insuring the quality of tire. Many people do not know what this process is but we like to think of it as an upgrade from Recapping that still saves you money.For more information on why we chose to remold rather than retread/recap and the process click the link below.